Our Story

Invento Software was born out of necessity when Louis was asked to create a piece of software that made creating inventories much shorter for Letting Agents. The friend that asked for Louis' help had previously used other inventory software but none were right for them.

Louis worked and worked to get it just perfect before LettingCheck was ready, he was so proud of LettingCheck that he decided to begin selling it to other Letting Agents across the country. But he had a dilema, he was all in now, he couldn't call it LettingCheck because he wanted to continue growing and supplying for the letting industry by innovating new products.


What a magical word, it means to change, to adapt, to improve. It means you see the future and create products that will be needed in the future.

So Invento Software was born, to invent, to innovate, to inspire. With LettingCheck as its first product Louis launched Invento with unprecedented success.

So today, we continue to innovate and this year we plan to grow and adapt more than ever.

Welcome to Invento Software, we hope to see you here more often.