Louis Harwood

With over 15 years of experience in software development, Louis' reputation in the industry is for creating high quality work that will stand the test of time and scale.
Louis founded Invento Software with the dream to create nationally recognised software to the property industry.
Louis lives with his wife and is a father-to-be, he is a workaholic who has a genuine passion for the industry, in his spare time you can usually find him reading about the software industry.

Liam Pearce

Liam has worked within communications since the age of 16 where he chaired two boards for national charities focusing on young people's rights. His previous success are working on national campaigns such as 'London 2012' and 'Votes for 16'.
After university he moved to London to work in B2B technology PR agencies but Invento dazzled him enough to persuade him to come back to the area to create and eventually lead our marketing and communications department.
Liam lives with his girlfriend and pets; cat and fish. In his spare time he likes to see family and either discuss politics or find acceptable ways to act like a child.